In today's competitive marketplace, it is essential to be pro-active in the management of large-scale projects.  A solid understanding of individual maintenance requirements coupled with flexibility and practicality give our tendering process the progressive edge.  The evolution of compliance requirements, standards and procedures are kept up to date and applied to ensure a well balanced tender process to provide the best contractor for your needs.

With contract administration often being reactively based on needs of a client or site as issues arise, we can provide a base structure for the ongoing management of your project.  We track maintenance events so we can streamline and maintain the highest possible standards and aesthetic.  Attention to detail and internal quality tracking ensures conclusive results for all clients and their projects.

When a lot of today's issues revolve around the certification of works, it is good to know that an impartial third party is available to provide unbiased, professional contractual advice.  We can provide a bona fide checking procedure which helps minimise disruptions and obtain the best results for you and your project sites.

From design inception to maintenance management, we have dealt with many of the issues which can adversely affect your important investment, so we can assist to tailor-make a program to fit your requirements with the right advice to ensure its on-going success.

The JWC team is set up and ready to support and compliment your needs and reduce the stress involved with any of your new or old maintenance issues.


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