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Private Residential, Toowoomba

Category : Residential


This secreted large battle-axe site is perched on the southern side of Mount Kynoch, Toowoomba, and has breathtaking views to the east, south and west and often has wedge-tail eagle soaring at eye level in the Lockyer Valley below.

The Client's Brief

The clients have been very considered with the design of their house and garden to make sure that everything is scaled correctly to the site and the site's locality.  JW Concepts was involved since the house commenced construction, and we have had significant input throughout the overall master planning design process.  The clients needed a plant palette that complemented the the bold presence of the pre-fab concrete home, as well as a design that considered the harsh water restrictions of the region.


This design features the long sweeping driveway by accentuating areas such as the gated entry, the rendered feature wall and the driveway garden. These areas are planted out with mature Macrozamia species and Grass Trees (Xanthorrhoea 'Xan Blue' and Xanthorrhoea glauca) to complement the robustness of the building.

A predominantly native species palette has been used in this design to adhere to the water restrictions imposed upon the Darling Downs.

A tennis court and pool, in keeping with the scale of the property, has been designed to sit on the southern slope and afford amazing views back over Toowoomba city.

A terraced grove of Grass Trees is nestled against the eastern side of the house and provides a setting for a private courtyard with physical connections through the client's master bedroom.  The timber pergola and seat help frame views out into the greater landscape to the south.


Under Construction

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