Private Residential, McDowall

Category : Residential


This property is located in McDowall on the lower side of the street where it slopes downwards towards the neighbouring property to the rear. 

Client's Brief

The clients wanted landscape design that complimented their architect-designed home that also adhered to the covenant put in place by Brisbane City Council for the front garden area.  Two existing trees had been damaged in a recent storm and the clients needed advice and options for the future inclusion of these Eucalypts.


A stepped entry path leads through the front garden, down to the driveway and front door.  This is framed by simple timber structures that draw the eye towards the front of the house.  The front garden is simple and predominantly native to work with the existing council covenant, with large sweeps of mass planting that continues across the entry path and driveway to include all of the front gardens.  Large Grass Trees (Xanthorrhoea 'Xan Blue') are feature elements that compliment the native plant palette in this space. 

Feature timber palings in a wave formation have been introduced in the pool area to ease the angular lines of the fence and pool, and carried through on the side of the driveway.  Steppers lead from the pool area to the back garden where space and topography were defining constraints.  The backyard is retained to the fence and a curved garden along the rear fence leads through to the productive garden.  Several galvanised round raised garden beds have been placed through out this space to compliment the curvaceous nature of the garden and provide designated spaces for vegetables and herbs. 


Concept Design Stage Completed

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