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Set on the eastern side of the Toowoomba Range and surrounded by existing endemic bushland, this property has spectacular views of the Lockyer Valley below.

The Client's Brief

Because of the site's unique aspect, our clients wanted a garden that provided elements to draw the eye within the garden as well as maintaining the important views sheds of the greater landscape from the house.  One of the clients is also a botanist, and required some different elements of vegetation that relate specifically to Toowoomba (endemic).


This design serves as a seamless link between the bold architecture of the building and the existing endemic vegetation surrounding the site, and provides feature elements to view within the site as well as framing views of the greater landscape beyond.  A Pan-Asian style entry space is flawlessly combined with an Australian native palette and ephemeral creek bed to direct overland flows and help with sustainable watering practices within the garden.  Recycled timber steppers and feature hand-picked rocks draw the eye towards the timber bench seat on the upper level of a terraced garden overlooking the extensive Lockyer Valley.  Species such as Doryanthes excelsa and Xanthorrhoea glauca are used as feature plants throughout this garden to emphasise and embellish the character of this design.

A large lawn area at the rear of the building contains timber seating for the amazing viewing connections to the greater Lockyer Valley.  A simple steel fence with feature rock blades forms an unobtrusive boundary fence, surrounded by endemic native species that frame views out to the Lockyer Valley.  This fence also had to be fire proof as the site is in a fire prone zone on Toowoomba's eastern escarpment.  A sweeping retaining wall of locally sourced stone from site is cradled by mature Doryanthes species and provides a striking feature that softens the new built form back into the site.


Completed 2007

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