Private Residential, Willowvale

Category : Residential


A beautiful site in the Gold Coast hinterland offering spectacular views and breezes in a rural setting.  The house design responds well to the unique character of the site with flowing lines that are sympathetic to the natural contours and sky line while the choice of natural materials further enhances the marriage of building to land.

The Client's Brief

Our clients required a design that would provide a variety of useable outdoor spaces including space for play, intimate areas and places for relaxation and reflection.

Landscape Features

Our approach was to build upon the existing architectural lines.  We chose to use materials that would evoke a sense of permanence and elegance and were easily recognised as 'belonging' to the landscape.

Sweeping low stone walls define space and draw the eye to dramatic features such as curvilinear fence lines, blade walls, feature boulders and stone mulched planting beds.

A formal outdoor area has been given a sense of enclosure with stone garden walls and leads to a series of raised stone garden beds for productive gardening.  This space has a focus on family and provides a real asset to the household.

Drama was achieved by incorporating a pool with a wet edge that allows unrestricted views of from in and around the water.  Orientation of the pool means that breezes are directed over the water and cooled before entering the house and surrounding outdoor areas.

The planting palette provides colour, texture and movement through the use of dramatic native foliage plants and trees selected for their sculptural character and suitability to the location.


Concept design stage completed.

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