Private Residential, Clayfield

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Clayfield, Brisbane.

The Client's Brief

The clients wanted to embellish their traditionally-restored Queenslander with an inground pool for their children to play in during the hot summer months.  They were also interested in having a designed entertainment space while still maintaining a large grassed area.  Screening from adjacent properties was also to be an important feature in this landscape design.


The link between the indoor spaces and the external landscape was an important factor in this design, and views to the pool have been kept through the implementation of glass pool fencing.  A timber feature screen has been designed along two sides of the pool to screen this space from the neighbouring property, as well as provide ample climbing opportunities for Chinese Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides).

The existing turfed area is linked to the deck by stone pavers that stagger gradually into the landscape.  Curved feature seating provides a place to sit and reflect amongst the surrounding garden.  The clients liked the idea of linking the garden with the house, so the majority of the plant palette includes white-flowering plants such as lilypillys (Syzygium species), White Gardenia (Gardenia augusta) and varigated Flax Lilies (Dianella 'Silver Streak').

A shelter has been designed for above the decked entertainment space, with an angled roof to replicate the angles of the existing roof of the house.  Steel screens with feature jasmine flower cut-outs decorate the sides of the structure to screen from the adjacent property while still allowing appropriate air-flow into the entertainment space.


Concept Design Stage Completed

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