Sustainable Garden, Highfields

Category : Residential


This site is located in Highfields, just outside of Toowoomba.  The property slopes downwards towards the rear boundary where it connects to remnant bushland.

The Client's Brief

JW Concepts was brought onto the project after the building had been constructed, so one of the most important issues we had to address was drainage - how to get stormwater from one side of the design to the other.  The client was an avid gardener, and liked the idea of having a permaculture garden.  There was also a large existing garden along the front of the property that needed to be worked around.


A long timber arbour structure connects the new building with the existing garden bed, and provides ample room for flowering native climbers such as Wonga Wonga Vine (Pandorea pandorana) to grow.  An entry path winds down the gentle slope and bridges over a water feature to the timber deck.

The space between the deck and the shed has been transformed into an entertainment space and productive garden all in one.  A firepit and seating spiral complements the adjacent herb spiral on the other side of the stone path, leading towards a series of curved raised vegetable beds along the edge of the space. 

By following the stone steps down the battered slope, you will find yourself on a lower path that winds amongst the small orchard of fruit trees.  This path curves around the side of the house, over a little bridge where the stormwater can flow down the small pebbled creek bed and out into the existing stand of Eucalypts.


Concept Design Stage Completed


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