Private Residential, Toowoomba

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The site is situated on the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range in Toowoomba.

The Client's Brief

The clients were very open-minded about the brief and were happy to consider different styles to compliment their renovation, which marries a pre-war colonial to a large modern family extension to the rear of the property.


As the existing house is a classically-built pre-war Queenslander, the garden design needed to be modern and creative while still incorporating more traditional garden design elements.  The entry arbour and linear pathway to the front of the house contrasts with the spirals and curves of the front garden beds.  A private courtyard that connects to the main bathroom features bi-fold and rotating steel screens to provide privacy while allowing connections to the new landscape beyond.  A sunken lawn next tot the pool deck becomes the central entertainment area and the children's play area includes a large tactile seat in the shape of a watermelon slice.

A productive garden has been designed for the rear of the backyard, with a small orchard and rotational vegetable beds with paved access.  All areas in this spaces area fenced to provide extra areas for the chickens and connection to the chicken shed and run.  The concept also utilises a designated compost area and edible screening plants such as passionfruit.

Sculptures will become an important element within the garden, to draw the eye out into the landscape.  Lighting will also play a role within this garden, allowing for safe use and enjoyment day and night.


Under Construction -  Due for Completion 2010.

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