PARK(ing) Day

 PARK(ing) Day is a global event that was started in San Francisco by arts collective Rebar.  It's based on the idea that paying a parking metre is like 'renting' a public space, and instead of parking a car, why not park something else?

PARKs are surprising, fun additions to the everyday street environments, and powerful symbols of communities wanting to improve urban quality.  PARK(ing) Day is all about calling attention to the importance of urban public spaces, rethinking the way we use our streets, and creating divers conversations about design and how we make sustainable cities.

JW Concept has been involved in PARK(ing) Day for two years, and we have created one of Brisbane's Favourite PARKs in both 2008 and 2009.  This year we brought a coastal theme to the neighbourhood with our PARK entitled 'Stafford Beach'.  People from local businesses and residents stopped and had lunch with us, and children had a fantastic day playing in the sand.

We would like to thank our wonderful suppliers, Andreasons Green for supplying all of the beautiful coastal plants, and EcoOutdoor for the use of their lovely teak table setting.




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