Gordon & Kathy Graham – Toowoomba | Residential

"Our best investment was to commission JW Concepts to create a grand design for our garden.  We enjoyed the process of working together to create a garden for all seasons.  It's a joy to live in a beautiful and harmonious environment.  Ultimately we have beensaved from the anguish of making costly mistakes.

We highly recommend the JWC experience."

Colin Richardson - Director, Skyline Landscape Services Pty Ltd | Commercial

"We have had the pleasure of working with the jw Concepts team for the past year on two prominent housing communities in Brisbane.

It has been an extremely fruitful working relationship that has seen enormous value delivered to the estates through this period.

We have been fortunate to be able to enjoy a relationship that shares a balance of friendly, open communication whilst they are ensuring that we continue to deliver results.

From our perspective it is fantastic being able to discuss our work with professionals that understand the challenges that are involved in caring for communities of this nature.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the JW Concepts team."

Gerard Brennan - Directer Technical Services | Local Government - Recreational Master Planning

"JW Concepts was engaged by Crows Nest Shire Council to undertake the master planning of the Kratzke Oval complex in Highfields.  This planning incorporated that conceptual design of the three stages of amenities, sporting fields and facilities as well as planning the significant passive recreation opportunity offered by this six (6) hectare site.

Council has adopted the master plan and has successfully completed the first two stages of construction with the support of funding from Sport and Recreation Queensland.  Funding has been sought for the third stage and several sporting clubs are using this facility.  JW Concepts master planning has been integral in the development of this major facility and this company is assisting Council in several other planning and construction projects."


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